survey stakes at the field

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survey stakes at the field

Postby DoogleDog » Sun Apr 02, 2017 6:54 pm

Anyone who has been out to our flying field at Burnaby Lake in the last week and a half has probably noticed the survey stakes at the north end of the field. I happened to be driving passed the field when the city engineers were installing the stakes so I stopped and talked to them. Here is the low down straight from the horse's mouth so to speak:

This summer, the city will be replacing the bridge that crosses over Still Creek just north of our field. To do this, they have to bring a barge in and use the barge to float equipment and materials up stream to the bridge site as the paved pathway is too narrow through the trees for some of the larger equipment. They will be building a raised road from the parking lot to the creek, across the north end of the field. Hence the survey stakes. This road will be crushed gravel and will have a grade about 3 feet higher than the surrounding grass. Construction on the road will begin in late April. The engineering dept. estimates the bridge should be finished and the equipment all removed, including the road, by September or October. This is not intended to be a public pathway and other than when men and equipment are actually using the road, it should not affect our flying at all.

So now you know.

see you all at the field,
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