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SOLD - Sailplane kits

Postby LarryD » Fri Jun 02, 2017 10:05 am

The Oakalla Hawks club is selling some hi performance gliders to raise funds for future club expenditures. This is what Jason Farlette sent out:

Hi guys,

I finally got around to taking the pictures of the donated sailplane kits. You should be able to view the photos here:

The kits are:
Red & Black: Typhoon X Tail
carbon version
MSRP: $519 ... oon-x-tail
some jellcoat defects on the tail
repaired jellcoat defect on the top of right wing
electric fuse is available separately from RCRCM if you wanted to convert it to electric

White & Red: Sunbird X Tail
full carbon
MSRP: $348 ... ts/sunbird
slight jellgoat defect on the fuse at the front of the left wing
slight indents on top left side of the vertical stabilizer

Orange & Black: E-Sunbird X Tail
electric version
MSRP: $259 ... ird-x-tail
slight paint defect in the white on the left wing - otherwise looks perfect

DLG prototype:
MSRP: unknown - not on web site. Maybe $250?
incomplete kit - only wings, fuse, stabs and bolts for wing and horizontal stab
weights: wing 134 g, fuse 63 g, vertical and horizontal stab 10 g each

As for price we are hoping to get 80% of the MSRP but I would really like to see as many as possible go to club members. So if you are interested but think the 80% of MSRP is too high let me know what you are willing to pay. We can work something out. All money raised will be put toward future club expenses.

If there is no interest in the club then we will try to sell them locally via Craigslist. And if still no interest will try RCCanada and RCGroups.

Let me know if you have any questions about them or want to check any of them out.;

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